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St. Als/St. Pat's School
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Havana Nights Pre Party - 2011
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Click here to learn about our PIGS ON PARADE.

Save the date!  March 19, 2011 -- 6pm!
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Join us for PIGAPALOOZA - at the CORE, 7pm, March 11. Chicago, IL

On Saturday, March 19th, we will be “hot, hot, hot” at St. Al’s/St. Pat’s Schools’ 5th Annual Winter Gala. This years’ theme is Havana Nights. We will be celebrating Cuban-style at Bobak’s Signature Events located at Seven Bridges in Woodridge, IL.

Please join us for an exciting night – everyone is welcome! We have many great auction items which are waiting for you to come and bid on them! New to our Gala this year we are having a “Pigs on Parade” auction. You might remember Cows on Parade which took place in Chicago in 1999. Well, we are bringing the same concept to Lemont this year! We have 10, custom-cast pigs which will be hand-painted by professional artists (including Lemont’s very own, Mona Parry!) in specific themes. Among these are the Sox, Cubs, Bears, Hawks, Jimmy Buffet and Iron Man. These pigs are sponsored by local businesses and parishioners of St. Alphonsus or St. Patrick’s and will make their way through Lemont with appearances to be announced at a later date. This will truly be an event worth witnessing and taking part in!

If you would like more information, would like to attend the Havana Nights Gala or have something you would like to donate to our auction, please contact Jen at 630-863-2252. If you would like more information on Pigs on Parade, please e-mail us at or find “Barbie Cue” on Facebook.

Take a look at these life sized pigs -- Compare the pigs to the size of REAL children. :)

St. Al's/St.Pat's School
Lemont, Illinois
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Gala contact person:   Mrs. Jen Pickering: (630) 863-2252 or

Pigs on Parade contact person:Mrs. Lisa Simone Porter: 630-235-3466 or email:

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